For fifteen years the Ride2Survive was an epic 400 km one day group bike ride from Kelowna to Delta raising funds for Cancer Research in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. Through the years over nine million dollars has been raised to fund leading edge research without deduction. The participants and volunteers paid for all of the event costs. Time, logistics, Covid brought this period to an end. The cause and the fight to end cancer hasn't ended.

Last year as Ride2Survive changed and we all shifted to the new realities of Covid-19, many individuals held their own epic challenge to continue the idea of R2S; to continue the fight against this damn disease that touches us all in some way. A friend, a family member, a co-worker; too many important people in our lives.

Do something epic this year and join us in your own R2S event. Ride your bike, run, walk, swim, hop skip or jump, whatever!!

Get off the couch and do something great, ask others to support you by donating to the cause.

Our challenge will be starting in earnest on June 12th and will be every individuals own event be it an epic ride, run, walk or a cumulative total of what they are doing from today forward with a goal!

Just do it and so many will benefit!!!

Dave Peerless, Dexter Realty